New Happy Scarves!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

At the last knitting group, I started this scarf - it's Karabella Cosmos that I got half-off at Serendipity Needleworks in Tuscaloosa! I really like this yarn, because with all it has going on (shiny, eyelash yarn plus little fabric flags) it can be knit by itself and look great...whereas I usually knit *at least* two different things together when I make a scarf. I'm knitting this one on size 17 needles.

This is a pic of the detail:

...AND, last night, Leslie brought me a scarf she made for me (along with some yummy fried turkey and other goodies!) - this is two different yarns knit together - the solid green is Feza in Fiesta #323 and the pink & green is Crystal Palace in Popcorn #432. She knit this on size 13 needles. I **love** pink and green so this is perfect, plus all the different-length fringe she made makes it even more fun!! Thanks Leslie!! Mwah!

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