I Miss My Swatch!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The other day, I found on eBay a vintage Swatch backpack. It was *just like* the one my Nanny bought me in 6th grade, except mine was blue. I've always tried to be gentle with my things, but I loved that backpack *so much* that I carried it everywhere. It stayed looking like new, and I never wanted to trade it for any other backpack (so many of them, even the ones made for school, look like they're suited for mountain climbing). It wasn't until I was in college - when I was still using that same backpack for books - that it just fell apart completely!

When Av and I travel, we bring along our regular, ordinary luggage but there are just some things that are perfect for a fun backpack. I emailed the eBay seller to see if she still had it (it didn't sell the first time)! We'll see...

So while I was thinking about Swatch, I went over to their website and found some crazy-cute watches.

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