Going to Pensacola

Sunday, August 06, 2006

We drove over to Pensacola from Mobile to go to our favorite fish market in the whole wide world - Joe Patti's. While Av was getting our order together...some grouper and pompano...I took a picture of these two lobsters being weighed for a customer:

It is crazy-busy there, but it's really efficient and somehow fun and we love it!

They packed our fish (if you have a cooler, bring it in and they will fill it with ice and pack it perfectly - if not, they'll pack it to go in one of their coolers) and we were all set.

This is the scene outside the market...every fish market should be this way! :)

After we left Joe Patti's, we went to McGuire's for supper (which was wonderful like always). On the way, I saw this:

How neat!

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