Mama Dip's, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

We stopped off for lunch at Mama Dip's in Chapel Hill, which is pretty famous - she's been on Food Network, Oprah, and QVC, selling her "Mama Dip's Kitchen" cookbook.

I got the chicken livers (very, very good), greens (eh...), and potato salad (tasted Sysco-y). We were surprised that although we were in North Carolina, it was north-enough for there to be sugar in the cornbread (a big no-no at home).

...and for dessert, banana pudding, which was excellent:

Av had the fried chicken, which he said was pretty good, and a slice of chocolate pecan pie, which was 90% chocolate and 10% pecan, with a super-thin crust. He liked it.

Oh! And guess who was there? Mama Dip. She gave Av a hug and we got this pic:

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