Attman's, Baltimore

Sunday, June 18, 2006

For our first lunch in Baltimore, we headed over to Attman's "Authentic New York Delicatessen" on East Lombard Street. Ah! We loved it. It was full of personality...loud and crowded in the best ways.

Here's the entrance to the Kibbitz Room:

...and inside the Kibbitz Room. We were there for a late lunch, so it wasn't too busy inside there...and most people were getting their order to go so it was super-easy to get a table.

Soooo...here's what we got: a latke to share (okay), Av had a corned beef sandwich (he loved it), I had a Reuben (best one I've ever had), drinks, and Utz Crab Chips (they didn't have a small bag! BTW, they aren't crab-flavored, more like Old Bay-flavored.).


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