Pics of Amsterdam

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I have *such* lovely memories of Amsterdam, as it is the first place we visited on our honeymoon! We stayed that time at the Le Meridien Apollo, and they made a huge fuss over us being newlyweds, which was so sweet.

This time, since we were spending less than a day in Amsterdam, we just took the train from the airport to Centraal Station and walked all over. Here are some pics:

This person was doing some sort of performance in the square. Rather than just asking for donations, he told everyone that they should give him two Euros each, and that it was less than the cost of using the bathroom at McDonald's, and that certainly he was more enjoyable. I was too short to see anything, so we left after just a couple of minutes, especially after he started using words in his act that aren't appropriate for ladies to hear.

Ah! Here's one of the beautiful canals.

See the hooks at the top of the buildings? This is because the stairways are *very* narrow here, and to get furniture in an upper floor, they would it tie it with rope and use the hook to pull it up and through a window.

Here's Centraal Station, the big train station:

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