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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Av and I were in the Florence, AL area this weekend...here are some random pics:

I really like this retro-looking sign!

We wanted to have lunch at the Hollywood Inn, but they were closed - they may only be open M-F:

Across the street is Bunyan's Bar-B-Q - I *love* those outdoor dining sets!!

This is the prehistoric mound right in Florence. The sign reads:
Prehistoric Mound
(Probably built between 100 BC and 400 AD)
This is the highest domiciliary mound in the Tennessee Valley. It was probably built between 100 BC and 400 AD by a prehistoric people of the ancient Woodland Culture. Such mounds served as bases for ceremonial temples or chief's houses. This mound, originally encircled by an earthen wall, contains no burials. It is 43 feet in height. Its base measurements are 310 feet by 230 feet. Its flat top measures 145 feet by 94 feet. Evidence indicates that nearby there were two smaller mounds, villages, and cultivated fields.

We drove over to Tuscumbia to visit Coldwater Books:
Coldwater Books, Tuscumbia AL
...which is our favorite bookstore there - Av got a couple of things - and then since it was so hot, we went over to The Palace, which is an ice cream shop that used to be a drugstore. It was okay, but have you ever gone to a place where (gosh, even at 33 I sound *so old* saying this) the teenagers are two million times too cool to actually be working there?

Okay, enough about that. But I will say that from now on we will stick with Trowbridge's in Florence instead, where they're all really nice and the place has been open since 1918 - and the fact that everybody's so great there is probably the #1 reason they stay busy, all the time.
Trowbridge's, Florence AL

Here's the historic marker for UNA (University of North Alabama). It used to be called the Florence State Teachers College, and was the "oldest state-supported teachers college south of Ohio." It reads:
1830 - opened as Lagrange College (Methodist) at nearby Leighton. First chartered college in state.
1855 - moved here and re-named Florence Wesleyan University. Flourished until closed by war in 1865.
1872 - deeded to State by church; became Florence State Normal School.
1926 - present name adopted.
...a previous post from a visit we made to LaGrange college is here.

Behind the historic marker is the Wesleyan building:

Here's a really pretty fountain on campus:

Close to the fountain is the enclosure for Leo III and Una, the UNA lions. They were having a nap while we were there:

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