Graceland, Memphis TN

Monday, May 22, 2006

Since all I did this weekend was try to get over my icky cold (which means I spent a lot of 'quality time' on a couch reading magazines and sleeping) and wound up not going anywhere, I thought I would post some pics from a trip to Graceland a couple of years ago.

Av, Leslie, and I went to Memphis for a barbecue festival, and while we were there, we visited Graceland.

Here are a few pics...

The television room:

Room with pool table:

Room with Elvis' gold records:


There are *so* many things besides Graceland there - there's a Graceland wedding chapel where people can go and get married (although there's no Elvis impersonator doing the ceremony).

Also, there's the Heartbreak Hotel - and it has themed rooms, like the "Burning Love" suite.

In Memphis, we've stayed at the Peabody Hotel, which is nice but not as nice as I expected, although they've recently renovated all the rooms since I was there - and the Embassy Suites, which is...like every other Embassy Suites. The best thing about the Peabody, though, is the location - it's right in the middle of everything - Beale Street, the AutoZone Park baseball stadium, and there's a really big shopping area called Peabody Place, with a movie theater and Tower Records, etc.

Anyway, we had a really good time at Graceland and were glad we went. What I'd like to do sometime this year is go to a place called "Graceland Too" which is *nothing* like Graceland but is supposed to be a million times more fun! It's run by a gentleman in Holly Springs, MS who is THE Elvis fan, and has turned his house into a Elvis shrine. Oh, and his house is pink. Totally pink. On Flickr, there are some pics from Graceland Too here.

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