Beehive Co-op, Atlanta

Monday, May 15, 2006

I stopped in the other day at Beehive Co-op (1831-A Peachtree Rd, 404.351.1166). Ah! It's *wonderful*! They had all kinds of things - from vinyl stuffed animals to furniture...to jewelry...pottery...soaps...and ultra-cool bags!

I had a really fun time chatting with this one person who designed vinyl handbags. They were sooo neat. I didn't realize until I got home that part of the deal with having your things for sale at Beehive is that you agree to work a certain number of hours in the shop, which is probably a good idea in the sense that the artists get an idea of the kind of customers they get, what people are looking for, etc.

Here are the some of the details from their website about taking out some boutique space there:

* Once a vendor has achieved gross sales that equal monthly rent a modest commission is due to the store on each subsequant sale within that month.

* Rent includes: space, fixtures, marketing, book-keeping, credit card acceptance, liability & casualty insurance, alarm, utilities, processing of sales tax

* Vendors are paid semi-monthly with detailed sales statements

* Vendors contribute 5 hours a week of work at the store, this option can be negotiated.

* Vendors must upkeep and stock their boutique as needed and keep track of their inventory

I was really close to buying one of the ceramic pieces by Tania Julian (don't know *why* I didn't...I'm still regretting it) but honestly I think there was something in every single boutique space that I liked or know someone who would. What a neat place!

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