Sucarnochee Folklife Festival, Livingston AL

Monday, April 24, 2006

This past weekend, Av and I drove over to Livingston for the Sucarnochee Folklife Festival, which was held on the courthouse lawn.

There were demonstrations of poured castings:

People selling quilts, art, baked goods, pottery, baskets, brooms, and other things:

Jerry Brown was there too.

Food vendors set up, and kids had fun checking on these crawfish:

Bands playing (most everyone was sitting under the shade of a big magnolia on the right):

One of the food vendors was selling fried oreos, so Av tried them (I have to admit, I don't even really like oreos, but I had a bite and it wasn't bad.):

This is a picture of what the town is building on the courthouse lawn for their bored well. The well, bored with the help of an old blind mule back in the mid-1800s, has supplied mineral water and according to my WPA book, "has been drunk for its curative powers by generations of Alabamians. Former residents have such faith in its ingredients that they send for it repeatedly during illness."

It was a really pretty day to be out. We only got to stay a little while because we had been invited to an event back home that evening - so we missed Kathryn Tucker Windham and the Alabama Blues Project events, but we still had a great time!

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