On the Way to New Orleans

Sunday, April 02, 2006

We took Leslie with us on our trip to New Orleans last week and had *such* a fun time.

Here are some of the pics I took:

Above & below: at Rose Hill Cemetery in Meridian, another visit to the royal Roma Mitchell monuments. I've written about their history before, here.

Here's another cemetery pic I took:

When we got into Laurel, Leslie saw a line of cars turning into see this display at a church:

Isn't this tree soooo pretty!? It's at Lake Park Cemetery in Laurel:

Here's lunch at Leatha's in Hattiesburg. Leslie thought these were the best beef ribs she's ever had:

We went into the Old Antique Mall in Hattiesburg, and they were displaying all these Zulu coconuts!:

Here's a slightly better pic of the Beverly Drive-In:

We drove down to Ocean Springs and went to my favorite toy store of all time - Miner's, and I got a few new Playmobil sets.

We played on the beach for a while in Ocean Springs. These people were playing horseshoes:

After we played in the water for a while, I took some pics:

Av bagged a little sand for me, for a project I'll do a little later:

The funny part about this pic is.....see how he's got his jeans rolled up so they didn't get wet & sandy? Well, we forgot *all* about his jeans being like that, and an hour or so later when he was at the desk checking us in at the JW Marriott, they were STILL like that! Leslie and I thought it was just hilarious!! The doormen and valet and everybody must have thought we were such hillbillies!!! hehehehe!!

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Let's Eat

Favorite Restaurants:
1. Commander's Palace, New Orleans LA
2. Arnaud's, New Orleans LA
3. Antoine's, New Orleans LA
4. Doe's Eat Place, Greenville MS
5. Root, New Orleans LA
6. Chez Fonfon, Birmingham AL
7. Taylor Grocery, Taylor MS
8. Ninfa's on Navigation, Houston TX
9. Lusco's, Greenwood MS
10. The Dinner Bell, McComb MS

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