Magic City Art Connection, Birmingham AL

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Av and Leslie and I went to the Magic City Art Connection on Friday. It was a *beautiful* day to be out.

There were lots of schoolchildren there, and many hands-on activities for them. We liked seeing the sculpture project that area high schools took part in - this one was from several students at Erwin High School:

This one was good:

And this one I thought was especially neat - by students at the Altamont School:

We haven't been in a couple of years, so we got to see a few new people exhibiting, and visited with people who are there every year. Chris Clark's space was busy, Martha Beadle - who I first saw at the Jerry Brown Festival in Hamilton - was there, I really, really liked Merrilee Challiss' art, Mr. Hooper was there again this year, we also spent time in the booths of Dale Lewis, Asia Mathis, and Kreg Yingst. We wound up getting things from two different artists:

One is this 'prayer tower' by Holden McCurry. The minute I saw it, I knew that he was familiar with the church in Port Gibson - the First Presbyterian Church, with the hand pointing upward (my pic of the church here). I love that! We talked about it for a few minutes - I got this one, and Leslie got two others.

Inside each of the towers is a little slip of paper, which is meant for the owner to write his/her prayer or wishes:

We got this yad from Brian Bergner, who came here from Israel - isn't it great? We loved how the hand is a hamsa:

...and the bottom is a clear tube with the blessing before the reading.

AND we got this amazing mezzuzah!

We missed Panoply in Huntsville this year (and a couple of other festivals we would have really liked to see), but Av's allergies were acting up and we didn't want him to be sick for days, so this weekend is going to mostly be inside...away from icky pollen!

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