Kinetic Art, and our 1864 Flying Spy Automata

Thursday, April 20, 2006

One of Av's professors from high school opened a rare and first edition bookstore a few years ago, and inside amongst all the books, he featured a couple of kinetic sculptures on the walls. They really fascinated me, because I'd never seen anything like them - they were beautiful and calming and....just one of those things to just hang around to watch for a while.

The artist - David C. Roy - who made those pieces, has his website here.

His website shows the different designs he's come up with, and has an animation so you can see what the pieces look like when they're running. The animation for the one above is here.

I also really like Tom Haney's artwork - he makes these really original pieces that move or dance with pushes of a simple lever. I've seen him at a few shows, and he's always really good about showing everyone how everything works, etc. Very nice. He's going to be at Kentuck later this year.

A company in the UK sells these very simple kits to make animated pieces from paper - some of them are *so* cute!

About four years ago, Av and I purchased this piece from Bud & Suzi Richards (from Springville, AL) at the Bluff Park Art Show. It represents a 1864 report that Bud found about a spying soldier during the War who was wearing a flying contraption. It was the first automata piece they'd made, and we didn't waste any time getting it. They show our flying man on their website, but I think they got our story a little confused because although we were there with Av's parents (we go with them every year to it), we totally bought it for *us*, not as a gift (...and it would have been a Chanukah gift, anyway!)! hahahaha!!

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