Spring is Here!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Ah, Spring is here! My pretty camellia is blooming:

....and the peach tree is blooming:

...and I'm getting in the mood to do the big 'closet switch-out' and replace all my sweaters and dark pants with Izod shirts and capris!

I'm really behind on ordering my seeds for this season, but here's what I've ordered now (seeds & plants)...

From Burgess Seed & Plant Company (all plants):
2 Climbing Hydrangea
4 Sum & Substance Hosta
6 Rose of Sharon Hedge
1 Chinese Wisteria
1 Climbing Corkscrew Shell Plant
3 Elephant Ears
1 Giant Purple Clematis
3 Snowball Bushes

From R.H. Shumway (all seeds):
birdhouse gourds
sweetness II hybrid carrots
Tennessee green pod beans
Georgia rattlesnake watermelon
giant sunflower
cowhorn okra

BTW, the R.H. Shumway is *the* most beautiful seed catalog - they have the traditional-style line drawings and nice descriptions....I keep it around just to look at all year!

We'll get our tomatoes and herbs (and anything else that looks good) at a local feed & seed. I especially like Bonnie-grown tomatoes (plus the company is based in Bullock County and is owned by the Alabama Farmer's Cooperative).

Yay Spring!

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