Putting Fringe on a Knit Scarf

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Today, I finished my latest scarf, and when I got done, I thought adding some fringe would make it look softer and even nicer. This scarf was made by knitting together these three yarns:

Ironstone Yarns 'Hot Stuff' #1747, Trendsetter Yarns 'Dune' #84, and Euro Yarns 'Glitz' #769.

I made the scarf on size 17 needles, and all rows were six knits. I've been thinking while knitting this one that it looked a little more bulky than I thought I would have turned out; I guess because of the weight of the three yarns together plus the large needles, it looked more 'chunky' than I had expected. When I did the bind-off of the last row, I just looked at it for a while, trying to think of what I could do to make it appear more...graceful, I guess. I decided to make lots of long fringe on both ends, and it made all the difference!

Below - my supplies were: my scarf, scissors, the yarn to make the fringe out of (I used the Euro Yarns 'Glitz'), a crochet hook, and I used one of my knitting needles as a measurement guide for the length to cut the fringe.

Putting Fringe on a Scarf

Putting Fringe on a Scarf

Here's the end of my scarf. I took the crochet hook down through one of the knots and out the end:
Putting Fringe on a Scarf

Then I looped a length of my fringe onto the hook (I just took my knitting needle, cut a length of yarn 2x that length, and folded that in half...the fringe can be as short or as long as you like - for this one I was thinking long would be best...you can always cut down the fringe if you think it's too long):
Putting Fringe on a Scarf

I pulled the hook up and back through, carrying the fringe yarn:
Putting Fringe on a Scarf

Now I just pulled more of the fringe through further to make a large loop. The large loop is what you pull the 'legs' of the fringe through. This allows the knot to be made:
Putting Fringe on a Scarf

I pulled the 'legs' of the fringe through the large loop:
Putting Fringe on a Scarf

Then just pulled the legs and pushed the loop down, making a nice knot:
Putting Fringe on a Scarf

Now just add as many more pieces of fringe as you like. Although this scarf was knitted six knits per row, I added more than six sections of fringe - I stopped at fourteen on each end of the scarf. That made it look really nice and full:
Putting Fringe on a Scarf

I like it so much better now!

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