The Year of Outdoor Alabama...and a Southern Sideways

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Av's office received a kit from the state for this year's tourism theme, 'Outdoor Alabama'. Last year, it was the 'Year of Alabama Food'.

Inside the packet this year is a book of activities in each region of the state, the new 2006 vacation guide, the 2006 calendar of events, a fold-out brochure of activities, and a softcover book of activities listed by region. The book is pretty nice, and it lists not only things like lakes and caves and state parks, but also things to just sightsee - like covered bridges, homes to tour, and driving trails.

I was flipping through the book to find the things I've already done, and more things I'd like to do, and one of them was Dismals Canyon. Oh - I've wanted to go to Dismals Canyon *forever* - the neat thing about it is that inside the canyon are these little insects (called 'Dismalites') that actually glow in the dark - and they're supposed to look so neat at dark against the canyon walls. The canyon has these wonderful-looking cabins for guests (here)....I would really like to stay there for a couple of days this year!

One of the other things that the book lists is Alabama wineries to visit: Bryant Vineyard in Talladega, Morgan Creek Vineyards in Harpersville, Perdido Vineyards in Perdido, White Oak Vineyards in Anniston, and Wills Creek Vineyards in Attalla (you can also buy muscadines and muscadine jelly from them - yum).

I just looked for a listing of vineyards in different Southern states, and this site has a good listing. How neat would it be to do a Southern Sideways and take a week to drive all over, visiting different wineries?

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