That's How We (Don't) Roll...and Blythe

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Like probably 99.9999% of other American households, we have a jar for coins.

I saw in the grocery store the other day one of those coin machines (that I've never seen anybody use, because who wants to pay something like 8% of their total just to get their coins turned into cash?) - but this time, I noticed that it had this big sign on top of it, stating that there was no 'counting fee' if the total was turned into an Amazon.com gift certificate. Ah-hah! Besides the fact that we place an almost-weekly order with Amazon, rolling coins isn't something I ever seem to think of or set aside time to do.

Av and I brought our coins in to the grocery store, went to the Coinstar machine, and turned all that change into a $43.45 gift certificate to Amazon! How neat is that?! So now on the way are a few books I've been wanting, including This is Blythe by Gina Garan - yay!

This is Blythe is the book that sort-of 'rediscovered' the Blythe doll. Blythe was originally sold here in the US in 1972, but it didn't do very well, so it was only sold for about a year. After Gina Garan's book came out, the dolls were released in Japan, where they were a huge hit - and now they're being sold in the US again (you can even buy a couple of them at the Hasbro website). I finally broke down after wanting one for probably two or three years, and ordered my favorite Blythe - Velvet Minuet (VM was made to celebrate the first anniversary of Blythe in the Korean market - she has this ultra-cute pom-pom dress and cape, with bunny (!!) accessories). *So* cute. I'll post pics of her later. BTW, there's lots more about Blythe here and here.

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