Um, the Viking Life?

Friday, December 16, 2005

I think what Viking is calling their new series of travel-and-food explorations is....a little over the top...but nevertheless, it does sound like fun.

The idea is that they're scheduling roughly 1-2 week trips to Spain, Italy, Central Mexico, India, Vietnam, and the Delta (our Delta) to take in the culture and of course the food of each locale.

Rick Bayless who is one of *the* authorities of Mexican cooking, is leading the Mexico trip. John T. Edge, who runs the Southern Foodways Alliance at Ole Miss, will be the guide for the Delta trip (May 31-June 4, 2006), where the group will:

'Visit the birthplace of the blues and taste pond-raised catfish, follow the Delta tamale trail, interact with well-known Mississippi chefs like Ann Cashion (Cashion's Eat Place, Washington, DC), Martha Foose (Mockingbird Bakery, Greenwood, MS) and Wally Joe (KC's Cleveland, MS). And get hands-on experience in cooking classes at the Viking Culinary Arts Center in Greenwood.'

More about the Delta trip can be found here.

It doesn't say on the website how much any of the trips are...I'm not wild about tours in general but the one to Vietnam, especially, might be really very good (it's already sold out though!). Okay, maybe the one to India, then....

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