Supper at Eldorado Steak House in Rankin County, MS

Saturday, December 03, 2005

We had supper at Eldorado Steak House in Rankin County - the restaurant is close to Pearl, MS - not far at all from Jackson. It was pretty good. I had the prime rib, which was nice. Av had the Delmonico steak, which was *very* good - about 200x better than mine. I do have to say one tiny not-great thing about Eldorado, and it's that the service is really loud - all the servers talk back and forth to each other throughout supper, the woman that runs the place will talk across a room to tell a server to do something, that kind of thing. I'm just thinking that in most places when you reach a price-point of the mid-$20's and above for a steak, usually the people working there make an effort not to be intrusive or loud. That's my only very-tiny complaint, though. We would go back, but not before we try the other 'must-do' Jackson restaurants on our list that we haven't gotten to yet, like Schimmel's, Parker House, Shapley's, and Nicks.

Eldorado Steak House, Rankin County MS 2005

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