Horseshoe Casino, Tunica MS

Friday, November 11, 2005

This was our first time to stay at the hotel at the Horseshoe Casino Hotel in Tunica.

When I made the reservation for the room two or three days before we arrived, I requested a room with one king bed on a higher floor. When the online request form asked if we would like to have a room with a view, I checked on that too. When we checked in (on a Sunday afternoon, so they were nowhere close to capacity) we were told all they had were rooms with the smaller beds and we wound up on the third floor - with a view of the rooms on the other side of the U-shape! The person that checked us in seemed liked she was having a bad day before we even walked up, so we just said "okay" and took it. We were only staying one night so I didn't feel like pursuing it.

Hotel Room at the Horseshoe Casino and Hotel, Tunica MS

The room was okay - average size, average furnishings. Since we stayed on a Sunday, we got the room for well less than $100 - but I wouldn't have paid any more for it for a Friday or Saturday stay. The Sheraton Casino Hotel rooms (next door to the Horseshoe) are *much* nicer.

All in all, it was okay. What was absolutely wonderful was that we won a few hundred dollars downstairs in the casino and our meals were comped! Yay! We're not big gamblers - we go with the intention to spend some time as a diversion and lose a maximum of $100 - but when we start winning, we just keep bumping up the amount at which when we get down to that we'll leave. Anyway, we had a really great time, and the amount we won paid for most of our trip. Nice!

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