Hampton Inn North, Jackson MS

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

We've stayed at this particular Hampton before, but it's been a while. Hotel availability in Jackson is still not very easy to come by since the hurricane(s):

Hampton Inn North, Jackson MS

Room: This Hampton Inn (North) in Jackson was just below average for the typical Hampton we stay at. The bed was a little uncomfortable - a little hard and spring-y. There wasn't much on the walls, and one of the walls had a little gash in it like the wallpaper had been ripped into.

Lobby: Usual Hampton lobby area.

Service: Front desk was nice when we were checking in, but when we were checking out there was noone at the desk for a few minutes and when the person did come to the front (there were other people waiting too) she wasn't exactly cheery.

Food: We did get a little snack from the breakfast area on our way out, but the biscuits were so cold that we only took one bite.

Extra: It's Jackson, post-Katrina. One takes what one can get.

Our experience is this: We would consider staying here again, only if the one downtown (close to the coliseum) was sold out or the Marriott was offering rooms at $150+ again like they were this particular day.

One more thing (not hotel-related) - Que Sera Sera: The hotel is not far from downtown, so Av and I discussed whether to try Que Sera Sera (on State St) *or* Keifer's (on Congress) for supper. It was a Sunday night, so a lot of places were closed, but we had wanted to try both of them anyway. We settled on Que Sera Sera and ate outside, which was nice. I had their 'award-winning' pasta, but it was really pretty sad. Av's pick was better - he got one of the appetizers as his main dish. Overall, we were glad we had gotten to eat al fresco....but we wouldn't go back.

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