Stamps Superburgers in Jackson MS

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Av and I went to Stamps Superburgers in Jackson for supper. It was our first time, but I had heard about it before. It's won 'Best of Jackson' hamburgers a couple or more years, and it's also listed on Dixie Dining (with a mention that Bobby Rush is a fan).

Stamps Superburger (2nd Location) Jackson MS

Fresh-Cut Home Fries, Stamps Superburger, Jackson MS
These are Stamps' french fries that Av and I shared. These aren't out of the Sysco bag. They take a potato and cut it into round slivers and fry them, then you get to choose if you want them to be seasoned with salt & pepper or lemon pepper. Oh. Yum.

Hamburger, Stamps Superburger, Jackson MS
This is the *regular*/smaller hamburger. It was huge - I had to throw part of it away because there was just no way I could finish it, and Av could just barely finish his. The hamburgers at Stamps are like the hamburgers you would make at home...ground beef, formed into a patty, put on the grill. Same way at Stamps. I think the regular hamburgers are like 7.5oz and the large are more like a pound. Delish.

There is a bit of a wait after you place your order, that's because they don't cook until they get your order - so it may take ten, fifteen minutes, more - depending on what's ahead of you in line. Not fast food, but great food. We ate these on the way to Vicksburg (next post).

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