Rabideaux's II in Iowa, Louisiana

Monday, August 01, 2005

There are actually two Rabideaux's, one is more of a restaurant - and the other (Rabideaux's II) has places to eat inside (and out), and is set up in a more utilitarian style. I would really like to try everything they serve, but pics are below of a meat pie...sooooo good, a pistolette, and a praline (which was darker than I like - I'll post my recipe on my blog later).

Rabideaux's II, Iowa LA

Meat Pie, Rabideaux's II, Iowa LA
Meat Pie - this would be super-easy to make at home, and I've promised Av that I would...

Pistolette, Rabideaux's II, Iowa LA
Pistolette - a bread roll that's opened and stuffed with meat - in this case, shrimp (but just as often found stuffed with crawfish tails) - and then either baked or fried. This one was fried.

Praline, Rabideaux's II, Iowa LA
dark praline

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