Prejean's, Lafayette LA

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Prejean's, Lafayette LA - Gumbo
3-time World Champion Gumbo

Prejean's is *amazing*! Everything we had there was fabulous. From Av's gumbo to my Catfish Oscar Prejean to Av's Catfish Catahoula - was incredible.

We can't wait to go back! More pics below.

Prejean's, Lafayette LA - Catfish Oscar Prejean
Catfish Oscar Prejean
Crispy fried Mississippi catfish topped with a jumbo lump crab and mesquite-grilled asparagus, set over a black butter wine sauce, drizzled with Bearnaise.

Prejean's, Lafayette LA - Catfish Catahoula
Catfish Catahoula
Fresh filet stuffed with shrimp, crawfish and crab. Baked and served in a puddle of crawfish and tasso cream sauce. Served with dirty rice, macque choux.

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