Ocean Springs, MS

Thursday, April 07, 2005

We spent a few hours earlier this week in Ocean Springs, which is just a little east of Biloxi. We've spent time in this area on several occasions.

Miner's Toy Store (927 Washington Ave) - this is a *great* toy store (lots and lots and lots of just really fun, good toys), with lots of beautiful play-withable baby dolls (not just the ones that people put on a shelf and look at) and Playmobil, which I adore.

Shearwater Pottery (102 Shearwater Drive - there are signs to get to it from town) - founded by Peter Anderson, brother of Walter, and continued by Peter's decendants. A book about the history, etc. is available here. I picked up a little fish pendant there three or four years ago.

Walter Anderson Museum of Art (510 Washington Ave) - Walter did all sorts of different types of art - block prints, murals, pottery...but I think is probably best known for his watercolors.

The Art House (921 Cash Alley) - A co-op of local artists.

There are many, many other little shops along Washington Avenue in Ocean Springs to spend a day in...... This trip, we also visited the Tato Nut (1114 Government Street), a doughnut shop that uses potato flour in its yeast-based doughnuts. They were good. But if you've ever had a Duchess doughnut, or a Krispy-Kreme, there's no comparison. :)

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